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Social Compliance

We care about our workers working conditions (Such as Health, Safety, Child Labour, Discrimination and Wages), so we performed an Audit through The Hong Kong Inspection Company Ltd to confirm our operation meets compliance of the SA8000 Social Accountability International standards.

Also to ensure all our plastic resin materials used during production meets international standards, we also have test reports such as Cadmium, Food Grade and California Prop65 test reports done by SGS Laboratories. Feel free to ask for copies during your next enquiry.


Our Guarantee

1) All plastic materials used in production are 100% Prime Grade Plastic Resins from well known international brands. (We never buy second hand plastic resins)

2) All our raw materials have passed international test reports for cadmium levels below 100ppm requirements.

3) All our plastic products are produced in-house, ensuring we have high quality standards to deliver our partnered customers. 

4) All customer OEM designs are never displayed in either of our catalogues, web sites or even at trade shows. 

Because we have upheld our strict standards and kept our promise, this has earned us respect with our customers for the past 20+ years. 

We hope to gain yours today, and would be happy to sign a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement should your company have this corporate policy requirement. 


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