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We are here to help new inventors and start-ups just like you!

Are you a new inventor with a great product concept, but lacking resources and funds needed to take the next single step towards self-satisfaction and financial success. 

Yes, we totally understand your situation, because we too were exactly where you are now 20 years ago.  

And only thanks to our peers for their generous help two decades ago, we moved that one step further, and obviously beyond with thanks to our customers orders worldwide. 

We specialize mainly in OEM product design development for plastic injection molded products, as you can see from our web page We own all the manufacturing equipment's with factory in China, and now ready this next generation of entrepreneurs the same help received from my peers long ago. 

If you wish to receive a helping hand like we did, feel free to send us your concept drawing, and we will start with making your 3D CAD drawings absolutely free of charge.  

From 20 years of marketing money spent on advertising in trade magazine and exhibiting in trade shows worldwide, we have spent over USD 200,000 and gained contacts for over 10,000 buyers worldwide. And these buyers consist of small companies who easily purchase few thousand pieces, to Fortune 500 stock listed companies who buy several million pieces a year easily. 

Most popular question asked each year by these companies are "What new products do you have this year for us to include in our upcoming new catalogue?". Guess what? I'm willing to send your product design to all these contacts of mine free of charge, and let's see if these customers can help take your product into their catalogue and retail shops. And then let the end consumers decide the fate of your future success of this great product of yours. 

There is a chance that you will be even more successful than us today, and that's okay because we are prepared to help you every step of the way being your manufacturing partner. Your success is our success too, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved, including our customers and end users. 

Because we are a socially audited factory in compliance as an approved vendor with these customers, we can handle both the manufacturing process and financial payment for the cost of these goods produced and shipped directly with these customers of ours. So you can just sit back and collect the royalties from each order received either from us, or from these companies directly. The choice is optional by you, and can be all put in contract agreement ahead of time to protect your invention and financial interest, and most importantly to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are ready to take another step forward, we could also introduce you to a few crowd funding companies to help increase expose of your product to the public, and possibly receive pre-orders to see how great of a feedback towards your new product invention.  

Please feel free to contact our Project Engineer, Jacky at should you have any further questions.


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