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 Plastic Materials We Commonly Use and Very Familar With
 1) Prime Grade PP Homo-polymer Plastic (Food Grade & Microwavable for Reheating)
 2) Prime Grade PP Random Co-polymer Plastic (Food Grade & Microwavable for Reheating)
 3) Prime Grade ABS plastic (Food Grade) 4) Prime Grade PVC Plastic (Food Grade)
 5) Prime Grade GPPS Plastic (Food Grade) 6) Prime Grade HIPS Plastic (Food Grade)
 7) Prime Grade Acrylic Plastic (Food Grade) 8) Prime Grade SAN Plastic (Food Grade)
 9) Prime Grade Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) 10) Prime Grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

** Guaranteed Brand New 100% Prime Grade plastic resins. No foreign recycled materials used to ensure highest product quality standards. Ask us for our SGS Laboratory test reports to ensure your confidence before ordering from us. **

What Is Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding is the process whereby plastic resins are melted and formed into finished plastic products.  There are many types of plastic materials, each with different properties, and the proper materials must be used to suit the function of each product. 

To produce a quality product, the injection mould must be well designed and precise and the injection moulding machine must be very accurate, well maintained and compatible in size (power) to the mould.  An experienced injection moulder must be knowledgeable about the properties of the machine, mould and material used in order to calibrate the times, temperatures and injection pressures of different stages in the moulding cycle.

Products manufactured by poorly designed moulds and with inexperienced injection moulders will result in products to have inconsistent product colors, major shrinkage, incompatible parts to assemble, easy breakage during assembly and/or product drop test, flashing of excess and uneven sharp plastic which was not part of the original product design. Even the use of recycled materials will reduce the property strengths significantly, compared to New Prime Grade Plastic Resins.  

These types of poor workmanship quality will affect your requirements to pass international test reports, especially for products designed for electrical products, baby products and children toys which are most strict by North American and European Countries. These products require passing test reports before being allowed importation into these countries. 

This is why our customers trust us with manufacturing their OEM brand named plastic products, as they know we use the latest advanced machinery from initial design drawings producing the finished product with accuracy, high quality, and on time schedule as promised.  Try sending us your next product drawings, and see how simple it really is to complete your next OEM project by working with professionals like Chan Dynasty.


 Our Custom OEM Experiences During 20+ Years OF Manufacturing 
* Acrylic Keychain & Coasters * Electronic Housing & Casing * Mint Candy Containers
* Automotive Parts and Accessories * Facial Cream Sticks & Scoops * Pen Boxes
* Baby Safety Products * Fridge Magnets * Pet Accessories
* Baby Toys * Household Products * Pet Scoop Containers
* Bandage Holder Cases * Housing Cases for Calculators * Picture Frames
* Business Cards Holders / Cases iPhone & Android Protective Cases * Product Display Stands
* Cases for Golf Balls & Tees * Jewellery Boxes * Spectacle & Contact Lens Cases
* Cases for Manicure Sets * Luggage Trolley Coins * Tampon & Panty Liner Cases
* Display Packaging * Lunch & Snack Box * Video Game Card Container

Above OEM experiences are only a small portion of our experiences. Please send us your OEM project design, and we will let you know honestly if we have the experience to manufacture them by plastic injection molding.



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